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Fantasy Games

Fantasy computer games are games which are based off of role-playing or pretend with far off “lala land,” kind of themes. Fantasy games tend to be a more preferred style of games when it comes to families due to the genre being less likely to have adult content making it safe for almost any age to play without having a negative influence on children.

Fantasy computer games can be found in stores, on the internet, and can be downloaded, uploaded, self constructed, browser based, free, or playable for a single or monthly fee.

Fantasy tends to stem all the way back into history, anytime there was ever an imagination, there was fantasy.
Games tend to give a person a release from everyday stress, because of this reason computer and any other video game has the potential to be highly addicting. Thus why it is advised not to play games for longer than merely a few hours a day. Not on a daily basis is even better.

An example of a highly well known fantasy game for being extremely addicting on the computer is World of War craft like online games. This is a Massive Multiplayer Online Game, also known as an MMO. This game is so common to become addicted to due to its providing a game, along with a social experience in one. The game has even now gotten its own W.O.W therapy groups, and help institutions. Which provide people a place to take their children when they feel they’re child is incapable of letting go of his/ her video game on their own free will.